Admission to Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery

Brighton patient care coordinator photoThe process of admittance to Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery starts with completing and submitting a secure online admission form for confidential assessment by our staff. You may also call our admissions department at 877-9-SOBER-1 (877-976-2371) and speak with a Customer Service Representative. Our representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., and on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET.

Once we’ve received the Admissions Form, we will review it in the next 24 hours and go over your insurance benefits. We will then contact you to schedule a clinical assessment. When you come to the campus of Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery, you will be assessed for admissions in our Medical Services Building. Upon arrival, each patient will be tested for drugs and alcohol, be screened by a nurse, and meet with a master level clinician to assess one’s use. From there, our team will meet with you to discuss the results and to determine the level of care you need to treat your addiction.

Our Treatment Programs

At Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery we are committed to guiding you down your path of health and personal transformation. Our care teams understand that alcohol and drug addiction is deeply personal. Addiction is different in each patient, so we personalize a treatment plan that meets your needs and provides comfort along the way. 

Recognizing whether or not you have an addiction can be difficult. You can begin to determine if you or someone you love has a substance abuse disorder by evaluating your usage and lifestyle. While there are many questions that can be answered, this assessment is uniquely qualified to categorize your addiction. Take this assessment now and start your journey to recovery. 

Our Programs

The Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery recognizes the challenges of taking the first step to lifelong recovery. We provide many different options for recovery based on your individual needs. Along with commercial insurers, we also accept Medicare. 

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call: 877-976-2371

Continued Connection Program (1st Year In Recovery)
This full-year program of treatment support and monitoring has proven results for sustaining recovery – even amongst those with a history of successive relapses. This program includes weekly supportive engagement by a case manager, the development of a community support team, and access to our on-line recovery portal. The program works closely with each patient’s family, friends and other providers to fully address the needs of the recovering person in terms of their recovery environment, mental health, physical health status, and impulsivity. 
Detoxification Unit 
Detoxification (detox) is the process in which a patient’s body is safely withdrawn from the substances to which it depends on to function. When a person uses drugs or alcohol for a period of time, the body adapts to substances by changing the neurological and hormone chemistry in the body. Our medical detoxification process provides safe medication management to reduce the symptoms to a manageable level while the body normalizes to the absence of the addictive substances.
Inpatient Rehabilitation 
Rehabilitation is an inpatient level of care and is recommended when a patient needs a highly structured environment. Medical and psychiatric issues and other complicated factors may require a patient to receive this level of care.  Rehabilitation may also be recommended if a patient has not been successful at a lower level of care.   
Partial Day 
Our Partial Day program provides patients with a convenient day treatment process.  This program includes residential options for those living beyond a reasonable daily driving distance. This program is comparable to Inpatient Treatment in its effectiveness and service. However, with our day treatment program, patients go home at the end of each day [unless they opt for an on-site residential option] and are able to immediately implement the recovery skills that they have been taught.
Friends & Family (Family Therapy)
Our Friends and Family Program is designed to help both the patient and their loved ones as they navigate the recovery process.  When family and friends educate themselves about addiction and get involved in the recovery process, it builds a strong support system that helps the individual achieve and maintain a sober lifestyle. We encourage the families and friends of our patients to join us for special lectures, discussion groups, and one-on-one sessions where we can answer questions and address concerns.

Additional Inpatient Treatment Programs

Art Therapy: Ascension Brighton’s Art Therapy Program provides a visual and kinesthetic means of addressing challenges related to substance dependence. Art therapy allows patients to speak symbolically about issues that may be too distressing to confront with words. 
Registered Dietitian: The use and abuse of alcohol and other chemical substances frequently results in nutritional issues.  Our Registered Dietitian provides basic nutrition classes weekly. 
Spiritual Care: Brighton strongly encourages each patient to seek a life-giving spiritual connection as a part of their recovery plan.  To assist with this goal, patients have access to a staff member trained in this area, who provides both group and 1-on-1 support.
Outpatient Treatment
Our outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation services include customized group counseling and educational sessions that focus on treating substance abuse while allowing a person to continue living in his or her existing environment. By participating in our outpatient services, patients not only receive the vital care they need, but also maintain their employment and home lives outside of the hospital setting.

Health Professionals Program
Healthcare professionals who deal with trauma as a part of their profession may be at an even higher risk for drug and alcohol issues. Nearly half of our drug-treatment clinicians are in recovery themselves and are dedicated to meeting the needs of their fellow professionals through this specialized program. From our personal and unique experiences, we understand how to do so.  
Children’s Alcohol Prevention Program 
The Children’s Addiction Prevention Program at Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery is a FREE educational, healing, and addiction-prevention program for children 7 to 12 years of age.  It is designed for children who have been directly affected by the drug or alcohol addiction of a mother, father, brother, sister, grandparent, or other loved one. 
Support Programs
Every day, people celebrate milestones in their lives — birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more. At Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery, we like nothing more than to celebrate addiction recovery. When someone achieves sobriety in his or her life, we cannot imagine a more appropriate occasion for celebration! To honor the changes they have made in their lives, Brighton alumni and others in recovery are invited to join together at Tune Up, held each May, August and November. Tune Up events feature inspirational guest speakers, games, coining ceremonies, and plenty of camaraderie.

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Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery is a world leader in addiction treatment. We are focused on creating effective, affordable addiction treatment programs. For general information about Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery, please call 888-215-2700 or 810-227-1211.